Ruby's 5th Birthday Party!

We finally had Ruby's Birthday Party on Sunday, even though her actual birthday was Wednesday the 17th. It went really well {I think!}, and we even had everything set up and ready to go by the time people walked in the door! :) Let me just say that I'm NOT an event planner, but it all came together ok!

Daddy bought her some PINK flowers!

Watermelon Punch {Recipe here}

My talented sister ran a little nail salon for the girlies. They enjoyed it! 

This was my first attempt at a homemade cake {not from a box} and using natural ingredients for dye. I used a recipe for a healthiER birthday cake {here}, and it turned out ok. It tasted really good, but it fell and was VERY dense. I'm not sure what I did wrong, so I'll try again sometime. If we had just renamed it a blonde brownie cake {like my mom suggested}, I would've nailed it. :) But it looked good, right?? 

I tried to dye the cake itself pink with beet juice, but even though it went into the oven slightly pink, it didn't come out that way. So if you're thinking about trying to dye the actual cake, it's not worth it. We used a recipe for Quick Vanilla Buttercream {which is heavenly and soooo worth it if you're looking for an easy, natural frosting recipe}. I did mash up some beets and used 1 tablespoon to get the light pink color. We were hesitant to put in more for fear it would taste like beets. I was a little disappointed it didn't achieve the brilliant, deep pink I was going for, so next time I'll try finely grating an actual beet instead of using ones from a can. 

Present time. She's been waiting for this!!

Her little friend Aubrie {from preschool last year} was able to come. She was very excited! These girls were two peas in a pod. 
I didn't get any pictures of the tall guests, I realized, but she had lots of friends and family come to celebrate with her. Thanks to everyone who came--she was blessed!!