I had this going on today. The slightly-too-big-and-droopy BLACK goucho pants with the way-too-hot-for-this-weather BROWN moccasins. And I left the house in this fashionable attire {crap!}. I need to shower & brush my hair, & so do the kids. In reality we'll all go to bed dirty on non-freshly-washed sheets and deal with it tomorrow. But at least there are clean towels. Clean. I didn't say folded. They're in a laundry basket in the living room, because that's where everyone keeps their towels, right?

It wasn't a bad day--we enjoyed the beautiful weather, the kids played outside, and we had ice cream for a snack. It was just a day. A black pants with brown shoes kinda day. Soooooo...ya. Just incase you thought you were alone.