July 30: Stovetop Popcorn

Great day for the pool and park. On a very positive note, I stepped on a scale today for the first time in months and I was pleased to see a number even lower than my pre-pregnancy weight!! The wonders of breastfeeding--I'll take it! :) To celebrate, I think I'll order a pizza and eat it all myself since Daddy is out of town tonight and can't help me with it. Just kidding, I'll save some for the kids tomorrow. I think. ;)

We ended the night with a bedtime snack of homemade popcorn with coconut oil, which we made on the stove for the first time. We used this recipe, and it was great!! The kids loved it so much they said they wanted it everyday. They also thought it was pretty cool that they could see it pop in the pot. Daddy is out of town at least through tomorrow, and I'm definitely missing him right about now... Off to drown my sorrows in a large pizza, as every good, emotionally healthy American should do.