October 17: Dear Clayton

Clayton was the MVP in his class at school this week. He was excited & had been "looking forward to it for a long time!" He got to share his favorite things with the class & tell them all about himself.

Favorite food: burgers {spelled "brgr"} & brownies
Favorite color: orange & blue
What he wants to be when he grows up: a police officer

We had to send a letter in for him today that his teacher read to him in front of the class. This is what we sent:

Dear Clayton,

God blessed us with our first little baby—it was you!
We were so excited, and the grandparents were, too.

We waited for you to come, all through the night.
The labor was long and gave us a fright.

With only one kidney, you were born a fighter,
Sent back from the nursery for a screamin-all-nighter.

Tucked snug in the carseat, so much bigger then you,
We brought you home and wondered, now what do we do?

So many questions about raising this sweet little babe,
Knowing we would fall short with many mistakes made.

But we loved you and squeezed you and held you tight,
And eventually you learned to sleep through the night.

We fed you and tickled you and watched you grow,
Soon you were crawling and shaking your head, “no!”

You loved sweet potatoes, cars, and big bouncy balls,
And you always had energy enough to jump off the walls.

From a young age you liked candy and all kinds of sprays,
Using them all over the house, including stairs and hallways.

You were born curious and with a desire to create,
To think outside the box and you will be great.

Your thoughtfulness and helpfulness are traits that we love,
We know they are gifts from our Father above.

You’re a natural born leader who can change the world
Once the flag of maturity is finally unfurled.

A boy who is kind, adventurous, crazy, and fun,
We are so very proud to call you our son.

We love you so much more then words can say,
And we know that God has great plans for you someday.

Love Mom and Dad