November 21: A Day and a Year of Eva

Happy 1st Birthday to our little Eva!! I CANNOT believe it has been a year already. She's cute as can be and has been a joy this year. She is well loved and truly is a "giver of life." Here was her day today:

She waved bye-bye to her daddy as he left for work. :) There were some photo bombs by Toby, yummy food, and lots of sibling love. AND she said mom for the first time! I didn't include a picture of her eating the cake, because, she DIDN'T. I'm not sure whose kid she is. We'll give it another go on Saturday, and I'll let you know how it works.

And here's my day:

Toby said, "Mom, an alligator was in my belly because I have green poops." Where do they get that stuff????

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last year. There were probably hundreds to choose from, but here's a handful of good ones:

Brand new, moments after birth. I'll never forget her laying in just her diaper under that warmer with her dark eyes open and her long fingers moving, just taking in her new world.

A brand new little sister. :)

One of the first of many kisses to come.

She was the baby Jesus in the Christmas program at church last year. She slept the whole time!

I remember holding her under the kitchen light and asking my sister if she thought she had red hair. She does. :) I've been waiting a long time for a red-haired baby!!

LOVE. One of my favorites of all time.

That little face...

Cheese!! They both look so little here...

Little snuggle buddies.

She adores her big brother. 

She eventually got used to tubby time.

Ruby likes to play school. Eva doesn't.

The pink girls.

Silly face.

Siblings. Another favorite of all time.

10 months old



Little fingers and toesies.

She LOVES to swing.

 And I love to tickle that belly. :)