November 3: Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings. A time of year I used to look forward to, because who couldn't use an extra hour of sleep?? Fall back, get an extra hour of sleep in and recharge. Now, it's the "crap, the kids woke up an hour early" Day. And I boycotted it. 

I heard them get up. They aren't particularly quiet. Think, herd of small elephants {mind you, even the small elephants aren't really that small}. A little while later, they brought the baby up and informed us that they'd eaten an entire package of cookies. But don't worry, they divided it up amongst themselves and even gave two to the baby because they didn't want her to feel left out. So I stayed in bed and snuggled the baby. 

Then I heard running and laughing and screaming and vacuuming. I decided that it wouldn't be THAT easy for them to kill each other with a vacuum, so I stayed in bed a little longer. I came down to find that they had created a gun with the vacuum parts, but they were all still alive. Just curious, does anyone need someone to teach a course on Delinquent Parenting 101? Cause I think we would nail it.

Just wondering.