November 5: Cabbage & Noodles

I may or may not have started listening to Christmas music on Pandora today. Don't judge. We had a fun play date with Miss Emily today, and it just so happened that I made her delicious recipe for cabbage & noodles tonight for dinner! If you like cabbage and bacon {who doesn't like bacon??}, then this one is for you!! Cabbage is in season and very cheap, as are noodles, so this is a great, frugal meal. 

Now, I changed up the ratios a little, making less, because I wasn't sure if my family would like it or not; and if not, I'd be stuck eating a LARGE amount of cabbage for the next week. That wouldn't work out very well for anyone, if ya know what I mean. The basic recipe is very versatile & would work with whatever you had on hand! I added some balsamic vinegar to mine {and I thought about blue cheese, too?} because I love the taste combination with the cabbage and caramelized onions. And I just happen to think vinegar makes everything better. It's a sickness. Anyways, here it is!

Miss Emily's Cabbage and Noodles

8 strips thick-cut bacon, chopped
2 large heads of cabbage, shredded
3 medium onions, halved and sliced 
2 1-lb bags of egg noodles (we use Mrs. Weiss's Kluski variety, but whatever you like will work)

Cook bacon over medium heat until crispy on a large, heavy-bottomed pot.  Remove bacon and set aside, leaving drippings in the pot.  Add onions to pot, stirring to coat in the drippings; cook 5-7 minutes over medium heat, until just soft.  Add cabbage to onions, stirring well to combine.  You may need to add the cabbage a few handfuls at a time, depending on the size of your pot.  Cover and cook over medium heat until the veggies reach your desired level of doneness (we like them pretty well caramelized, but do what you like).  When the veggies are done, add the noodles and enjoy!

*Add whatever veggies & seasonings you want - it's a very flexible recipe!
*Add some Parmesan cheese if desired.
*Dumplings can be used in place of the noodles.