January 25: What I'll Miss Most

I think what I'll miss most about having a little baby in the house…

more then their wide, black eyes when they first open them after birth, 
more then their tiny fingers and toes that get bigger each month, 
more then that first sweet smile, 
more then the excitement with each milestone accomplished, 
more then the angelic glow upon them as they sleep, 
more then my heart melting at the first utterance of "mama!"
more then those first wobbly steps, 
more then their miniature, white, chicklet teeth, 
more then their infectious laughter and ticklish tummies, 

...is holding their tiny, warm body in my arms. Snuggling, needing a hug, or being rocked to sleep. They fit so perfectly in the crook of my arm; their little head nestles into my shoulder like a puzzle piece that fits just right. For a small moment of time, it's like we're still together as one. We sway together, back and forth, slow dancing in the kitchen. We rock together, to and fro, drifting off at nap time. Her head on my shoulder and my head on hers, I feel her warm little body in my arms and our hearts beat together in unison like they did long ago. I forget, for a moment, that more then a year has past. I forget, for a moment, that another year will pass, and another, and she won't be my little baby anymore.