March 2: It Was a Two-Brownie Kind of Day

Some days are just long. And crappy. These crappy days sometimes drag on the heels of an equally crappy week involving lots of sickness. Colds, flu, mastitis, strep, & puking. We've got it all going on over here. 

As a mom, you just kind of buck up and change the bed sheet covered in puke at 4am. You reassure your sick son & tell your husband gagging at the door that "I've got this." It's going to be ok, even though it's smelling pretty righteous up in here. After many years of cleaning up puke, one would think that moms especially would develop a tolerance for the smell, an indifference to the cleaning process. 


It is still nasty as heck.

You just convince yourself it's fine to survive the process, only to realize afterwards that you need to chow down on half a bottle of Tums to stop your own stomach from churning. Ugh. 

So, this brutal day called for some homemade brownies after bedtime. Just for me. And I ate two. I figure if I'm the one who wakes up puking at 4am tonight, I might as well go out with a bang.