April 25: Don't Wait Until You're Dying to Really Live

I have this thing where I try to kill my husband every night.

I'll notice a wince, or he will mention that something has been hurting, and it will start this internal storm with the blustery winds of worry howling that he's dying, leaving me with no husband, no job and four kids to raise by myself. I rush to my WebMD app to find the worst possible scenario and confirm my fears. Because it always does, you know. Whatever symptom you look up, it will let you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have a life-threatening condition.

Jacqui Roberts, WebMD, is not an official degree, my husband reminds me {although I am RIGHT most of the time…. haha}. I've also seen Patch Adams and watched many seasons of ER and Grey's Anatomy in the past, so does that count?

This occurs so often, though, that he says "it wouldn't be a normal night at the Roberts house if you didn't try to kill me." I don't even have to say anything anymore--I must get this look in my eyes or something, because he just KNOWS when I'm thinking it.

He also says, "we are ALL dying."

And isn't that the truth? We are. In fact, you are more dead today then you were yesterday. We get older, more saggy, more baggy, and more dead with each passing day. But we don't like to think about that, do we? Facing our own mortality can be scary on many levels, but it is certain and unavoidable. So if we are all in the process of dying, why don't we live like it?

Because there's always tomorrow.

But there isn't, really. No one knows when, but at some point, tomorrow will not come like it always has in the past. Tomorrow is deceitful, and like a sleazy used car salesman, it promises time and experiences that it cannot deliver. Tomorrow, later, and not yet are thieves--they rob you of the joy, results, growth, confidence, and wisdom that come with the hard work of living intentionally TODAY. 

Living intentionally is HARD, and that's another reason we don't do it. It takes effort, hard work, planning, and sacrifice. It's so much easier to put something off…until tomorrow. Or next year. Or when the kids are in school. Or when we move. Or when we have more money...

What are you waiting for?

What if you got out of bed tomorrow morning, assuming for the sake of the question that it comes, and actually lived like you were dying? How would that affect the way you spent your time, the way you treated people? How would that change your attitude, your priorities?

What if that was the last day you saw your husband? Would that issue you're fighting about really be that important?

What if that was the last day you saw your child? Do they know beyond a doubt that they are cherished and dearly loved?

What if that was the last day you will ever speak to your parents? Your co-worker? Your neighbor?

What about that class you wanted to take? That friend you wanted to get in touch with? That apology you needed to make? That person you needed to forgive?

What if...tomorrow never comes?

Do it TODAY. 

Do it NOW.

Because tomorrow is a lie.

Living intentionally doesn't require grand gestures or world travels or big charades--it simply requires focus. Your heart and mind set on a goal, and running daily towards that goal with everything you have. It will be tiring, and hard, and scary. But it will also be wonderful, and exhilarating, and totally worth it. It will pay exponentially in a life well-lived, in no regrets, in a meaningful legacy.

Don't wait until you're dying to really live. You're already dying, so what are you waiting for??

Live today.

Love today.

With no regrets.


Jacqui Roberts, Web.M.D.

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