April 4: Mother of the Year: Feel Better Friday Edition

This is the first edition of "Feel Better Friday," which is where I will publicly share some of my greatest Mother of the Year moments so you all can feel a little better about yourselves, or at the very least you can rest assured that you're not alone. 

As you can see, I was quite domestic today. Cleaned the house, washed all the dishes, and vacuumed for the first time in a couple weeks. And I baked cookies. Although the floors look clean at first glance, I must confess that I'm not a mopper. Not really at all. I'm in awe of all you diligent moppers out there.

The number of times that my kitchen floor has been mopped since we moved in September = 0.

Apparently I'm a once or twice a year mopper. So for those of you that frequent my house, apply the "5 second rule" at your own risk. Lol. 

So there you go! Feel better??? 

I was going to stop there, but something else needs to be said. I've also sat on those unvacuumed, unmopped floors and built train tracks with my kids. We spent some quality time with friends, large & small, on those floors today {after I vacuumed ;)}. I've chased a squealing, giggling baby girl around on those floors and listened to the pitter patter of her sweet, chubby bare feet. The kids were running the circle just tonight, laughing and playing and chasing each other.

What do you think they'll remember, that I never mopped the kitchen floors, or all the other stuff? This isn't about whether or not you should mop your kitchen floors, although I do think we'd all agree that they should, eventually, get mopped at some point. You're not a better mom if you mop them weekly, or if you never mop them at all.

YOU are not defined by your failures any more then you're defined by your strengths or victories. You, my friend, are valuable and important and loved and wanted just for being YOU. Feel better as you dwell on that tonight.

So what's the thing in your house that you continually don't get around to? Or are you one of those disciplined, weekly moppers that are nauseated by this confession?