May 12: Expectations

So in all the talk about being a mom yesterday, I forgot to mention my wonderful husband… He really went all out for me this Mother's Day! He got me a teal coffee pot {how perfect of a gift is that?!?!?!?}, a book {because I'm trying to read more, you know}, and a Target gift card {the heavens are singing}. And he basically volunteered to hang out with all the kids on Saturday so that I could attend a graduation, lunch, and girls night out. He encouraged me to go, even. And he bought me flowers. 

I don't have many expectations surrounding holidays because I find it to be easier that way. No hurt feelings, no guilt trips. My joy, self-worth, and value as a person and mother can't be dependent on what others do or don't do for me, on Mother's Day or any other day of the year. Motherhood, of all professions, is not exactly something you do for the large return on your investment. It's more of a "pay it forward" kind of gig. And expectation is idolatry's younger, better looking cousin. Or something. I read that recently. 

Anyways, if I did have some expectations about Mother's Day, he would've exceeded them by far. I think the thoughtfulness was my favorite. :) The bar is set pretty high for Father's Day now… 

But I'm sure he doesn't have any expectations either. I think.