May 30: Cheers to 10 Years!!

We packed our bags, dropped the kiddos off with the grandparents, and headed out of town for the weekend to celebrate our 10th Anniversary! Ten years... How the heck did that happen?? Seems like it hasn't been that long in some ways, and then I look at our seven year old and realize that time has just flown by. 

Today is a gorgeous day in Ohio with the perfect sunshine to breeze ratio. It's a good day for driving and shopping, which is what we've done so far. The manager at Olive Garden bought our appetizer for us in honor of our anniversary, which was so nice and unexpected! And on the way into Micheal's {yep, I hit the jackpot--a husband who will enter a craft store!}, Ben asked me if I dropped my weave. I seriously died laughing {insert the "laughing until you cry" emoji here} and had to go back through the traffic to get a picture. Ten years later and he still cracks me up. :) I should've been quicker on the draw though, because clearly I am not the one who needs a weave... Lol.

The hotel, although just a Marriott, is pretty swanky on the inside. I wasn't sure about the blue and orange carpet when we first walked in, but some excellent interior decorating goes a long way! 

And the token gift I bought was a bride/groom S'more ornament. Since we got married, it's been our tradition to buy a new S'more ornament every year. Each one symbolizes a significant moment throughout the year, like a highlight of sorts. Pregnancies, new babies, and now a 10th Anniversary S'more. I had to do a little washi tape magic to cover up the original, irrelevant message, and when I got ahold of a small sharpie, I'm going to fill in the banner with "Cheers to 10 years!" A more organized, efficient person would've had this all done ahead of time, but you know me... Some things don't change, even after ten years. ;)