June 25: To Be Really Good at Something

I spent a large portion of my life up to this point trying to figure out what I was really good at, finding somewhere to stake my proverbial flag, claim as my own, and do that one thing to the degree of expertise. Was it Social Work? Card-making? Couponing? Writing? Or any number of things in-between? As much as I enjoy all of those things, I never really felt like they were "the one" as far as a life calling.

And how do you decide on that one thing to pour your life into? That's a huge decision. What if you decide on the wrong thing? What if you decide on the right thing, but you don't feel like doing it anymore after about ten years? What if the real life version of it is not at all how you pictured it would be? What if you put your stake down, and after looking back at your entire life's work, you realize you've merely been chasing the wind??

As for me, I not only have a problem with following through and finishing, but I tend to get bored with things after a while and want to move onto something else. Then I realized this. I don't want to be better at anything else in this world then following Christ. THAT is my life's calling. THAT is my goal. THAT is a vocation completely worth driving your stake deep into with abandon, because the God of the universe didn't hesitate to do any less for you when He sent His own Son to earth to be nailed to a cross. For you. And for me. He died so that we may live abundantly.

Anything and everything else is second only to that. And when that most important piece is in it's rightful place, God will indeed use whatever He calls me to do in a most powerful way.

I don't have to figure it out. I don't have to see the final picture. I just have to say yes today.