July 19: Mom, the Garbage Can is on Fire

Women's event + Wings = a good day in my book. :)

P.S. Ben was not so fortunate. Our day started with a fire in the garbage can {you get ONE GUESS as to the culprit} and me running half dressed down the stairs to extinguish it {thankfully!} with a few bowls of water. When I think about pleasant ways to start a Saturday morning, the words, "Mom, the garbage can is on fire," really isn't near the top of my list. 

And then I left to speak at the Ladies Breakfast, after I finished getting dressed, of course.

See ya later suckas! 

Just kidding. 

Kind of. 

Let's just say that the day didn't get much better for him while I was gone. He's never going to let me leave the house again, and I wouldn't blame him!! But when your day starts with a fire in the garbage can, before 9 a.m., what do you expect?!?!?

The devil is in those details, my friend. I'd like to tell that guy where he can go and what he can do with all THAT. The war is truly not against flesh and blood... 

I thank God that He who is in me is greater then he who is in the world. And He has overcome.