September 22: You're Exactly Where You're Supposed to Be

Do you ever feel like you're behind in life? Like you need to hurry and catch up to where you think you should be, usually compared to where others are? 

Like you should've accomplished more by now, or you thought your life would look different at this point. Or better. And you start to get down on yourself and feel like a failure.

What if you're exactly where you're supposed to be at this point in time? 

Not a second early, not a minute too late. Exactly where you're supposed to be. So-and-so might be over there or maybe they've accomplished much, but they're not YOU. And God has His own unique plan for your life. Not to be a copy, duplicate, or replica of someone else. 

Because the time God spends preparing you for what you're supposed to do is just as important as you doing what it is you're supposed to do. It develops character. And perseverance. And endurance. 

And just think about how much more you can observe the terrain and your surroundings and all the beautiful scenery when you walk at a leisurely stroll versus a hurried sprint. Because if you rush by, you'll miss the most important stuff. Sure, it may ultimately take longer to get there, but just imagine how much you'll get to see. How much you'll learn along the way. The life and beauty you'll get to experience.

Because His time isn't our time, but He has made everything beautiful in it's time {Ecc. 3:11}. And when you finally get there, you won't be exhausted and out of breath. You'll be ready to finally finish well because you fully experienced the joy of the journey.