October 30: Dear Ruby

Ruby was the MVP in her class at school this week, so she got to share all about herself. Her little "All About Me Tee" turned out so cute, and her favorite song is "Let It Go," of course. She will also be Elsa for Halloween tomorrow. Elsa's her favorite princess because she loves her dress. She also chose the best "subjects" in school as her favorite, too. :)

Parents get to send in a letter that the teacher reads to them during class, and this is what we sent:

Dear Ruby,

“It’s a girl!” They told us. We were excited it was true.
Five days late, couldn’t wait to finally get to meet you.

Our little girl, a precious jewel, you were so very tiny.
Head held high, big black eyes, open wide and shiny.

Scrawny chicken legs, only six pounds and some change
Though the smallest of our babes, our lives you rearranged.

With two little ones now at home, life was very full.
Needs to meet, tears to dry, and momma felt the pull.

I soaked up all the moments and memories of those days
I loved to watch you grow and be with you always.

Squishy cheeks, the sweetest smile, loved her momma so
Screamed, cried and clawed the help when momma had to go!

That too did pass; you got big and did things on your own
You’d say, “Ruby do by Ruby self,” seeming oh so grown.

Before my eyes a girl appeared who resembled a lot of me
She loves long hair and Starbucks and shopping to a T.

You have the sweetest spirit, the most caring little heart
You love your baby sister, music class, friends and art.

We see you work so hard to please, to do all things well
Please know, no matter what, we’ll always think you’re swell.

There’s nothing you could do or say or even think about
That could make us love you any less, of that there is no doubt.

We’re so very proud of you, our sweet and precious girl.
You’re smart and kind and brave, with a fashionable twirl.

God will do great things through you, this we know for sure.
We are blessed to walk beside you through life’s adventures.

We love you more then words or hugs could ever say,
And we thank God we get to keep you for another day.

Love Mom and Dad

If you remember right around this time last year there was a Dear Clayton post. Time flies.