September 16: Greetings from Cleveland

While driving Ben to and from work this week, we've been watching this Cleveland mural on a side of a building take form. We see him out working first thing in the morning as we cruise past the market, and by the time we are back in the evening, he has another section completed. 

I finally stopped and talked to him today, because I've realized that I like asking strangers random questions. His name is Victor, and he and his wife are originally from New York. They've been traveling the country in their RV for the past 5 to 6 years, stopping in various cities along the way to paint "Greetings from ________" murals using spray paint. Cleveland is their 11th stop, and they're headed to Toledo next. 

That would be such an interesting life. Just imagine all the things they've seen and people they've met along the way in six years. Has anyone seen a mural of his in another city? 

The last time I drove by it looked like he was almost finished, so I'll get another picture when it's done!