November 6: God Is, and That Changes Everything

We find ourselves in a bit of a holiday vortex lately: still munching on Halloween candy
and preparing for Thanksgiving, all while listening to Christmas music...

Neither the truth nor God are dependent on our awareness of them.

Or on our belief in them.

God simply is. 

He hems us in behind and before like a masterful quilter.

Patches, binding, borders, and colorful brilliance.

We look at life, at circumstances, and we think, that's just the way it is.

No. It's just one of the Enemy's many lies.

God is. 

Circumstances are merely a slave.

And that changes everything.

It's an invitation to focus on the Who instead of the What.

To shift our gaze from outward to upward and inward.

An invitation to change our perspective, to see rightly.

To filter all of life through the Truth.

Because Jesus is the archetype of "what could be."

For nothing is impossible with God.