July 26

The milk thing? They were being kittens. That's what happens when they ask to "get a glass of milk" without supervision...

Short nights make the days seem longer I think. I was tired by dinnertime & got frazzled easily. Trying to get dinner ready quickly while a crying infant is hanging on your pant legs and a very "helpful" two-year old is trying to grate cheese that's still in a wrapper & steal the garlic cloves is more of a recipe for stress then pizza. And stressed I was...

"Toby, mommy just needs a minute." 

"Toby, please stop touching."

"No!! You need to go in the other room. Mommy needs a minute!"

Ugh. I took a break to feed the baby dinner. She was so pleasant & ate so well! I breathed a sigh of relief & said, "mommy got really stressed & angry. I'm sorry. Mommy needs to work on handling her stress better."

Her response:

Note the strawberry stained bib and tray from dinner...yesterday... #thecleaningfairyisslacking #momfail

But that's the thing. I didn't need a response. I just needed to sit down, take a deep breath, & let it out. Sometimes you just need to say it like it is, even if the only one listening is an eight month old. :)