August 22

Busy, busy fun day. It was my first attempt at packing a "real food" lunch in my spiffy new Ziploc containers: whole-wheat zucchini bread, banana with peanut butter for dipping, and vanilla chia pudding. Sadly, as I found out this afternoon when the lunch boxes came home, it didn't go over very well... They looked like little birds had pecked at it. Very little birds. Not very hungry ones, at that. Ah well. 

The zucchini bread turned out really good, though! It was a hit with all the kids and mama's at the mom's group this morning. I used my recipe for Best Ever Whole Wheat Banana Bread and just subbed zucchini for the banana, used 1/2 cup maple syrup {instead of 1/3 cup honey}, and added 1/2 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. I wanted to give the kids a good first impression of zucchini bread, and besides, when they asked what it was, I could say, "it's chocolate chip bread," and be completely truthful! Never you mind the green stuff in there. Your eyes are playing tricks on you. 

After our fun morning, it was time to get ready for Toby's birthday party with some of our family tonight {he turns 3 tomorrow!}. I made some homemade pasta sauce, baked a cake, made some frosting, and got everything else prepped for dinner. The cake turned out pretty good, but my recipe isn't perfected yet. When it is, I'll post it!! The boy is all about Batman these days.

The face of mischief. The kids found the figures for the top of the cake: they wanted Batman and the Penguin in jail.

He asked for a blue Batman umbrella. Very specific request, but the grandparents searched and found it!

Bat Toby

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you!