August 30

Whirlwind packing day. When I just looked over my pictures from the day, I was like, the kids went to school today? Oh ya, it's Friday... Wow. The house it packed for the most part. Some clothes hanging in the closets and some breakables in the kitchen cabinets is all that's left. You know you're tired when you wake up exhausted! I'm running on buffalo chicken Mac & cheese, Papa John's pizza & adrenaline today, folks. 

I essentially packed up our entire house since Tuesday {nothing like waiting til the last minute} while my husband was working and juggling moving details and acquiring two sets of appliances {for us & our rental property} & cleaning the carpet & saving the world. We make a good team. It's truly amazing what you can accomplish when you push yourself! More on that later. Thanks to the grandparents for all your help this week!! :)