September 18

We went to the Westside Market again this morning, and I have to say, I love it!! I've been able to find a wide variety of organic produce for a good price & produce in general for an excellent price. I found this guy down towards the end of the main produce isle, & he's awesome. He has organic fruit, & today he sold me a flat of organic blueberries for $10. Ben said I should tell him that he needs to buy me a freezer next time because I'm not going to be able to fit anything else in the one we have. Haha. It is kinda full of strawberries... And soon blueberries. Whoops.

I noticed that there weren't any dinner pics from today, but we had pulled pork sandwiches {with homemade BBQ sauce}, cole slaw, & honeydew melon {from the awesome fruit guy--I'll catch his name next week so I no longer have to refer to him as "fruit guy"}. And it was delish. :) Because, I know y'all wont be able to sleep tonight if you didn't know what I ate.