October 15: Love with Beauty

"Today when you nurture, love & meet the needs of your beloveds with beauty, it will make a difference in how they face their whole day." 
~Sally Clarkson

I read that quote yesterday, and it stuck with me. It's pretty powerful that your actions have the ability to make or break the day of someone else. I think it hit me hard because the mornings before sending the kids off to school at the end of last week were especially rough {read: tired, cranky momma, lacking patience and grace and yelling at children. Rushing, nagging and otherwise putting everyone else in a foul mood and/or making them feel lousy, then expecting them to run off to school and "have a good day." Savvy? Yes, I believe I just channeled Jack Sparrow. But that has nothing to do with the story. Moving on.} Then Clayton got sent to the office Thursday and again on Friday for reacting in anger and being physical with his peers. If he hits another kid, he will be suspended. Coincidence? Hmmm.

And even tonight I caught myself on three different occasions reacting to Clayton in anger before giving him a chance to explain or trying to understand what transpired. And I made him cry. Each time. Mom fail. Although I was quick to apologize, the anger still hurts. I know.

So what would it look like to "nurture, love and meet the needs of your beloveds with beauty?" Well, I've learned a little about beauty from the book Captivating {by John & Stasi Eldredge}, and it is a powerful thing. Here's what they say about beauty:

  • Beauty Speaks: It tells us, all will be well. "There is room for your soul...you can breathe again. You can rest. It is good. All is well." Peace. Calmness.
  • Beauty Invites: "You want to enter in, explore, partake of it, feast upon it...It draws you in, holds your attention. You can't wait to get back to it, spend time with it." Captivating. Enjoyable to be around.
  • Beauty Nourishes: It offers life. In word and deed.
  • Beauty Comforts: "There is something profoundly healing about it...It soothes the soul."
  • Beauty Inspires: It calls us to something higher. It lets us know that life can be better. Ignites imaginations. Fuels dreams.
  • Beauty is Transcendent: "It is our most immediate experience of the eternal...Sometimes the beauty is so deep that it pierces us with longing. For what? For life as it was meant to be...Beauty speaks of heaven to come, when all shall be beautiful. It haunts us with eternity. Beauty says, there is a glory calling to you. And if there's glory, there is a source of glory...Beauty draws us to God."


Beauty draws us to God. Lord, before my feet hit the ground tomorrow morning, probably late, as usual, would you fill me with more of You and less of me. Help me to nurture, love, and meet the needs of my beloveds with beauty, in Your strength.

Every experience of beauty points to [eternity].  ~Hans Urs Von Balthasar

What aspect of beauty stuck out to you, and how can you apply that to loving those in your life better?