October 18: It's Hard to Be Cool

This morning I came back downstairs after running up to get my laptop. As I neared the bottom step, I saw Clayton, disguised as Wolverine, running towards me with a Nerf gun. In an effort to be funny & play along, I take off running down the hallway into the kitchen. I had this supercool move all planned out in my head where I would effortlessly toss the plate that I was also carrying into the sink as I ran by, round the corner into the living room & keep going, evading the oncoming bullets.

But something went terribly wrong. I don't know if it was the dog or my pant leg that got in the way, or simply just too much "supercool" multitasking, but I completely missed the sink and dropped my laptop on the floor. Actually, I dropped my self on the floor, with the laptop. Completely biffed, crashed to the floor and slammed into the dishwasher. Scraped up my ankle, knee, elbow & fingers. The kids were laughing at me, of course, & Clayton said, "Um, Mom? Maybe you shouldn't be running in the house..."

Yes, thank you for that. I like my advice best served cold with a side of eat-your-own-words.


In other news, this wonderful husband of mine proposed to me on a beach 10 years ago today on Sweetest Day. He had it all planned out so beautifully & I had no clue. Totally surprised. And I said "yes!" of course, but not before I said, "are you kidding me?!?!?!", which I will never live down. EVER.

Good memories & a great 10 years. We are blessed!