October 9

The kids got their school pictures back, and they're really cute! I love their sweet smiles. :) I noticed the "standard" child safety cards in with their photos, and my heart became heavy... There is so much evil in the world that having an ID card in the event that your child should go missing is "standard." I know that photos save lives & you should always be prepared, but the thought of it all just makes me sick. 

So, in an effort to make myself feel better, I research. Child safety, prevention, tips, statistics on child abduction & exploitation. This is what I do instead of running to God sometimes. I know it's not right, but it makes me feel like I have some amount of control over the matter. Also, I get very smart about the things I freak out about. Ask me anything you want about black mold, bed bugs, rashes, or poop, & I can tell ya. Add child abduction to the list. 

But research doesn't really make me feel better. I searched for sex offenders within  a mile of our home, because I was just cruising along the information highway, and guess how many it found? 

10? No. 

25, you say? Nope. 

50?!?! Nah.


That is not a number that helps you sleep at night. Clearly, I am not in control, and when I try to be, I really suck at it. I know The Lord doesn't call us to live in fear & is in perfect control of our lives, whether we acknowledge it or not. And He is good. I will rest in that tonight.