November 15

Toby seems to have developed an aversion to highways. I'm not sure why. But the topic of conversation in the car these days has revolved around this issue. He will ask, "are we taking the highway or the 'lower way'?" That's 3-year-old-speak for the city streets or the back way. Sounds perfectly logical to me. Tonight after we got off the highway, he needed to verify that we were now on the "lower way" and said, "thankfully, we have a girl in your phone that knows where we are. Sometimes she says, 'turn left now.'" That "girl" would be Siri. He then proceeded to turn his pack of bubble gum into Siri, complete with voice-overs. Too funny. 

Where there is no risk, there is no faith. Where there is no faith, you can't please God. The action, the power of the Christian life, occurs when there is faith.
~Chip Ingram