November 19

Toby took that feet shot all by himself--they really do catch more then they are taught. Wonder who he's been watching? ;) 

I was super productive this morning, but I suppose that's what two cups of coffee will do for ya. I'm on a mission to get the house relatively unpacked and organized by the "holidays." Depending on how fast I move, that will either be Thanksgiving or Christmas. Best to allow for some wiggle room. I'm finally sick of not being able to find certain things, so I decided to finally deal with the rest of the boxes.

Little bit of a scare tonight when Ben called and said he should probably go to the hospital because he was having chest pains on and off all day. I'm glad he went, because better to go and it be nothing then not and, well, it be something. Turns out his heart is "fit as a fiddle" but it was his lungs that were acting up. He was feeling much better by the time he got home. 

Now, this is normally a huge fear of mine. Him dying and leaving me with all the children on my own, without a soul mate, an income, and my sanity. He tells people that, and I quote, "it wouldn't be a normal night in the Roberts house if I didn't try to kill him," meaning that I freak out about any physical complaint he may have, thinking he's dying of something. I become Dr. Jacqui Roberts, WebMD and quickly comprise a laundry list of the life-threatening conditions he may be suffering from. The funny thing is, I know God is in complete control of life and death and worrying gains me nothing, but I still do it anyways sometimes.

So tonight he said to me a couple times, "I'm surprised at how well you're handling this." 

I responded, "well, I practice for this every night, so when the real deal comes around, I'm ready to go!" 

Does anyone else worry about this, or is it just me?