December 20

I picked the kids up from school early today for lunch at Cici's Pizza and then a visit to the mall to see Santa, finally!! They are excited to be done for break, and they had a great time during our afternoon out! :) 

We also stopped at American Greetings to pick out our S'more ornament for the year, which is always fun, I think. When we were checking out, I mentioned to the cashier that we've been coming to pick out a S'more ornament each year for almost ten years! And I even surprised myself with that realization--I can't believe it's been that long! But you can tell by looking at our tree; we have quite the collection! They are my favorite ornaments to unwrap & hang up each year. As we open each one, we talk with the kids about the memories wrapped up in them: our first Christmas together, being pregnant with our first baby, all the babies first Christmas', the first year they went to see Santa {Clayton asked for a guitar & Ruby a baby}...

Ah, the memories. This year it's a Superhero S'more, because they have been all about the superheroes and the costumes this year, and we've had many fun days and memories in those costumes. 

We ended the busy day with the Christmas concert at church, which was awesome! Everyone did so well, even my little drummer boy & girl! :)