January 21

I was more productive today then I have been in months. Picture the Energizer Bunny. Que Alicia Keys and "This Girl is on Fire!" I felt like I was nesting, but with the added perk of not toting around a ginormous belly that turns on stove burners and adds an extra twenty pounds to an already labored run up and down the stairs. We're planning on having some friends over this weekend, and I actually managed to clean the bathroom today. Ahead of time. I sorta thought it might be a better idea then quick scrubbing it down in a panic about 20 minutes before their arrival, while also trying to finish dinner, referee sibling conflict, and nurse the baby. 

Now, before you start to get all jealous and think I'm Martha Stewart over here or something, I just want to let you know that the last time that particular bathroom was cleaned was on the 24th. 

Of December. 

And it's a toss-up, because it might be clean now, but it certainly won't be still come this weekend. Maybe I'll still go with 20 minutes before…

P.S. I bet you're singing "This Girl is on Fire!!! This girl is on fiiiiyyyaaaaaaaaahh!" haha