April 11: Ruby's Friend Birthday Party

We were busy getting ready for Ruby's party tonight with her friends. It was a small crowd, girls only. Old neighbors, new neighbors, and finally a little girl from school who stopped by. Everyone seemed to have a great time! Ruby wanted to make bracelets and have pizza and a movie {Frozen}, but everyone ended up outside after the cake. It was a beautiful night for that! Here's the day in pictures.

Girls are SO DIFFERENT then boys!! They are sitting there excitedly and meticulously stringing beads onto their elastic, making fabulous bracelet creations. If the boys were here, they would be tearing around the house chucking handfuls of beads at each other. And farting. #noboysallowed

Love this pic. Such concentration and precision. 

Little girly dinner party. :)

A rainbow ice cream cake. #howappropriate

The boys crashed the party towards the end. He was excited about that. Basically for the cake.

Playing with all her new little treasures. Soaking in the night. #happy