August 24: Toby's 4th Birthday Party!

Toby wanted a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, so that's what he got! :) He was so excited and everyone seemed to have a great time. He's such a smart, silly, funny boy, and I feel like he's been 4 forever already...

Batman cake, Batman presents, and a big boy bike and skateboard and tee ball set and more. He's one lucky guy, and not the only one who will be enjoying all those wonderful goodies, I'm sure. 

He was so funny in that ticket blowing machine--he got smart and just started picking the big ones up off the floor instead of trying to grab them out of the air. 4,000+ tickets to spend. Jackpot!

My day:

My claim to fame today: I ALMOST won the skeeball jackpot...


And also, I think I could make a hobby out of photo-bombing little kids on that one ride. lol