October 12

Ya, that's all I got for today. Sorry. But at least I got the important things: the Bible and communicable disease updates. And also: no profound thoughts today. Just random thoughts.

I have enjoyed observing lately how "city kids" in our neighborhood talk verses how I talked growing up in the country. Now, I know I'm about 20+ years removed from these kids, but I still find it humorous. 

For instance, my son says, "daaaaaaaaang, guuuuuuurrrl." With all the proper emphasis. To me.

Ya, they are city kids, through and through.

And in the privacy of my own mind, especially with all the extra children from the neighborhood that end up in our yard and drive me crazy on a daily basis, I secretly like to make fun of them for their "city talk." 

Take this gem of a conversation, for example, that happened just the other day:

Child: Miss Jacqui! Your son is cutting off his installation!  
Me: Silence 
Child: Miss Jacqui!!!!!!!! 
Me: {fumbles to respond} Um... I don't even know what that means... 
Child: You know when you tie something around you real tight & they have to cut it off? 
Me: You mean circulation. 
Child: Ya! That.


And the laughing is all in good fun, folks. I really do love these kids. Most of the time. 

As a P.S., as opposed to me just rambling on about whatever random thoughts cross my mind, is there anything that you, the audience, would like to see me write more about? Just curious. If you have any thoughts or feedback, kindly put them in the comments, even anonymously.