Foto Friday, My Week in Review: November 3-7

Foto Friday is the collection of photo collages from my week. What used to be seperate daily posts are now conveniently bundled together by the week. Enjoy!

November 3

November 4

Ok, so get this. I was having an argument with my 7 year old this evening about an apple.

I know, you guys. I have the most exciting life ever.

So we were arguing at bedtime about the fact that he had smashed the apple on the counter and cracked it open and ruined it. Twice. And it made me mad. So I said something along the lines of, "What are you doing??? Didn't I just talk to you about this a few minutes ago?"

Blank stare.

For whatever reason, I get very irritated when the kids waste things, whether it be toothpaste smeared all over the sink or a half-eaten banana thrown in the garbage can. Or apples smashed on the counter at bedtime. And he's just not getting me, you guys. That blank stare. Also quite frustrating when standing on a soapbox. My usual go-to response when they are careless or wasteful is: Do you think that ______ just grows on trees? So I continue...

"It's ruined now. Did you know that a bag of apples costs several dollars? It makes me mad that you wasted this one. Do you think that apples just grow on trees???"


November 5

Poor Eva added a second shiner to the collection she has going on her face… Wood floors and socks aren't a good idea when you're two.

November 6

November 7

Carving pumpkins. 

Yes, I am aware that it's November 7th. I think the most accurate motto for my life, by a long shot, is "Better Late Then Never." 

Maybe that will be my million-dollar book title. I suppose it's best to work with what I've got, right?