Foto Friday, My Week in Review: November 28-December 4

Foto Friday is the collection of photo collages from my week. What used to be seperate daily posts are now conveniently bundled together by the week. Enjoy!

November 28
Tonight Ruby prayed: 
Thank you for God, thank you for me, 
Thank you for poop, thank you for Sophie.

November 29

November 30

December 1

December 2

December 3
The moment when your skinny jeans start to fit more like, you know, jeggings, is probably the same moment when you should start actually working out instead of, you know, just thinking about it.


December 4
Tonight was Toby's preschool Christmas concert, and he was so cute! He was scared and wanted me to be up there with him, which I couldn't do, of course. So I drew a heart on his hand on the side of the room where we would be sitting so he could find me, and find me he did! Big smiles and waves.