Foto Friday {Except on Thursday}, My Week in Review: January 9-15

Getting closer to caught up. 

January 9
Frozen on Ice! The arena echoed with a throng of starry-eyed little girls, all joined together in a unanimous chorus of "Let It Go!" The kids loved it. :)


January 10

January 11

January 12
School music concerts today. They were both so cute!

January 13
Chaperoning my very first field trip, which is sad since my oldest is now eight… But it was an exciting time for them. We survived and only lost one student. Bringing back most of them is good, right?


January 14

January 15
Look at those man hands. When I saw them in this photo, taken on our very first mother/son date night, I couldn't believe it. Not sure when exactly that happened--he insists on growing like a weed. Pretty soon I'll be able to wear his clothes and shoes, not that I'd want to. Ironically, my level of personal hygiene is the equivalent of an adolescent male without an overly demanding mother insisting he shower every day, so there's that. Maybe the leap wouldn't be too far, after all.