Foto Friday {Except on Monday}: January 24-29

January 24
Clayton went to a bowling party today--it was a lot of fun!

January 25

January 26
I found a fish at the pet store that matches the rest of our house, so naturally, I brought him home with us. I named him Turk--not only is it an extremely masculine sounding name, but it makes a subtle reference to the turquoise color from which he's made. But Eva has been wanting to say "hi" to "the turkey" all day. So we have a turquoise fish, who lives on our mantle, that is named The Turkey. Life is incredibly confusing sometimes.

And also, Toby came running into the kitchen today with his plant, screaming, "Mom!!! My plant is DEAD!!!" It did indeed look like it had seen better days, slumped over in it's current state and parched with thirst. The poor guy thoughtfully picked out this little flower on Friday (3 days ago) to give to his preschool teacher when he sees her tomorrow. All I had to do was keep it alive until then. Apparently you're supposed to water these things every once in a while. It's hard to find good help in a mom with a black thumb.

I am happy to report, however, that a few generous waterings later, the little flower was back to it's perky self. Disaster averted.

January 27
I decided that the first step in successfully mopping the floors was to actually own a mop, so I got one at the store today.

We are now proud owners of a squirty mop/duster combo thing, so I have high hopes for the floors actually getting mopped more then once a year (or two? but who's counting…). What I was not prepared for, however, was the excitement about said mop. You would've thought it was Christmas morning--they were lining up to take turns with the mop, sweeping the floor clean so they could use the mop in that area, and arguing about who was going to mop next and for how long.


If I would've known THAT, I may have just boughten one a long time ago…

January 28
And the mopping continues…

January 29