September 7: Labor Day, Then & Now

Well, glancing through the years, apparently getting a pumpkin spice latte on Labor Day is totally my thing. Gotta love consistency. Welcome, fall.

It feels a little like fall is the new summer at the moment, though, and it's messing up my hot coffee jam. Note that it is still 84 degrees outside when the sky is black... 

Black is not a flattering color on you, summer. Seriously. Leave it to the cooler seasons. Or, if you allow us, we will gladly wear it as we mourn your passing, no longer fearful of being unfairly targeted by your blistering rays.

We had a little marker snafu before we left for the mall this morning, and because the day had gone so incredibly well thus far, and seeing as how children were marked down to 50% off, I picked up a few extra while we were there. They proceeded to melt down in the play place, however--running over small children and chucking balls at one another and stealing my phone--and I immediately regretted the purchase.

Sadly, all sales were final, and I was stuck with them. Some days with children are just like that, and I'm learning to deal.