Foto Friday, My Week in Review: November 8-13

Foto Friday is the collection of photo collages from my week. What used to be seperate daily posts are now conveniently bundled together by the week. Enjoy!

November 8

Girls morning at Target, and they poured over all the cute girly things while we were there. Eva kept pulling clothes off the rack and saying, "cute!"

And whoever thought to put Starbucks INSIDE Target = GENIUS. I can think of few better combinations or marketing strategies. They just make getting that yummy cup of coffee so easy….

Toby was reciting the rainbow on the little piano this evening: "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Too." Ruby said, "no, Toby, that's brown, not 'too.'" But he insisted it was.

<laughing til you cry emogi>

November 9

November 10

November 11

That moment when you get out of the car at preschool drop-off, look down, and realize you are still in your pajama pants. I literally forgot to get dressed, and I didn't notice... Perhaps I packed my brain in the lunch boxes this morning. 

November 12

November 13

Frozen underwear, check. M&M rewards, check. Potty training to follow.

August 28

Today was a beautiful day in Cleveland. I smell fall in the air. The air show is in town for the holiday weekend, so the Blue Angels were flying overhead all day. Although I didn't take that picture, at one point they flew directly over our house and looked exactly like that. 

Toby was scared by the loud noise but missed the planes, so we spent the rest of the afternoon waiting for them to come back around but they didn't… We could hear them but didn't catch a good view of them again. He was putting his shoes on to go outside at one point, and he said, "Shhh, guys!! I hear the fairies! Do you hear them?"

Blue Angels. Fairies.

Tomato. Tom-ah-to.

Whatever, man.