November 3: Coming Soon: Foto Friday, My Week in Review?

Mom + Camera

I've been thinking about my blogging system and blogging future lately. It all started almost two years ago with silly photo collages of my day, which made the grandmas very happy. But other people liked them, too, and I realized I might be onto something. So I created a blog to group and archive all the photos in one place, and it's been such a fun resource for our family. I'm excited to watch it grow and continue for years to come, and I think it will be so wonderful to be able to look back on our daily lives. 

I love that there's beauty in the mundane & joy in the mess, hence the tagline of the blog. I also love that God can be found there. He whispers through the cosmos to a speck in the universe that is a mom who spends most of her time at home with the kids, and I can hear Him. I can talk with Him and walk with Him and learn from Him and be transformed by Him, even in the most mundane of moments. He can use my little life and words to do great things, even if the great things for the day are wiping up a spill for the third time, folding the never-ending piles of laundry, reading books, or helping with dreadful homework. He cares enough about me to be interested in my life, in all the intricacies that make up me.

So I would like to delve more into that. More into the meat of life that makes up the day-to-day living, more into the thoughts and struggles, the hope and the inspiration. More into real and messy and hard and beautiful. But it's hard to crank out your best work when you know you will have to post again tomorrow, and you can't get behind. I often scramble to finish a post and get it out by the end of the day, only to go back later and shake my head and cringe at the obvious typos. Or worse, I think of a great one-liner to insert somewhere or a way to tie it all together more eloquently, only to edit it in after most people have already read it…

I'm tired of that. I don't want to crank out good posts when they have the potential to be great, if there was just more margin. Ironic that my blog life needs the exact same thing that my real life needs at times--a little more margin. And besides, I think that maybe posting every day is…a bit much. Probably too much. Most every day for almost two years? Now that's kinda crazy.

I get that a lot. The crazy part.

And besides the grandma's, I doubt that many of you have the time or the desire to see photo posts every day… right?? Please sound off in the comments if I'm incorrect. So my thought is this: I'll still continue to make the photo collages every day {or not, but in this case if I get behind you'll be none the wiser}, but I won't publish them until Friday. It will contain all the collages from the week in one post, like a one-stop photo destination.

Then that frees me up during the week to focus more on the writing aspect without the pressure to prematurely publish a sub-par post. There will probably still be photos intermixed in there, and if there are many good ones for the day, I'll simply publish a separate "Day in Photos" post. So with that change, the number of times I post should drop from an overwhelming 7 times a week to just a whelming amount of 3-4 times or so. Maaaaayyyybe you could actually read most of them then, because it won't be all like…photo!!…photo!!!…surprise….another photo!!!

How does that sound? Thoughts anyone? Maybe you really don't care and you'd just like me to stop talking for the love?

I don't currently have an email option, but I'm going to work on getting that set up after the holidays, as well as get everything moved over to a new Wordpress-based site my husband acquired for me….quite some time ago. I'm just so efficient like that. But in the meantime, you can sign up on that spiffy little Google Friend Connect thingy or keep an eye on Facebook or just check in from time to time.

I do love seeing all of your lovely faces, or traffic sources, from time to time, so do come back. :)

July 2

The Cardinals are still undefeated!! :) And on another note, we (and by we, I mean mostly my husband, but I shall take credit, as well) have kept this little flower alive for over a month now. There should be a medal for that considering my black thumb. I may have gotten a little over-zealous and over-watered it in all my over-zealousness today, so hopefully it will live on. Ruby planted the seed at school and was super excited to see it finally bloom today!! She says it's a moon flower. I have no clue.