August 24: Cloudy with a Chance of Pizza

This morning for breakfast, while watching Saturday morning cartoons, the kids had the option to choose between zucchini bread or cheerios. Clayton didn't want either, went into the kitchen, found the last piece of pizza from dinner last night and decided to eat that. There was only one piece and the others already had cereal, so I let him have it. Well, Ruby sees him with it and wants one, of course. I tell her that I'm sorry, but it was the last piece. We can get some more some other time. She proceeds to have a tantrum, whining, jumping up and down, screaming, and smacking her legs with her wildly flapping arms.

I have to admit, I'm somewhat baffled by the whining tactic. Clearly, the pizza is gone. No amount of whining in the world is going to make some magically fall from the sky. This isn't Cloudy with a Chance of Pizza, people. So I tell her this. I remind her that her options are cereal or zucchini bread, should she choose to partake in breakfast. Clayton pipes up and says, "or you can just keep hitting yourself."

Well, yes, I suppose there is that option. Nothing like a little comic relief to break up an otherwise frustrating moment. :)

PS, Did everyone else's kids lose their minds today, or was it just mine? I don't know if they're tired from their first week at school {probably}, had too much sugar {likely}, just woke up on the wrong side of the bed {potentially}, or all of the above, but MAN ALIVE, I was tapped by 10am. Is it time to go back to school yet???