On Being a Stay-at-Home Mom

When you look at my photos, you will not see 
the Pyramids, the Great Wall or even Paris {Pair-ee}

Diamonds and bangles and stackable rings 
are not on my dresser or found in my things.

Our van is all rusty and lends me to doubt. 
All the crumbs on the floor might make you grossed out.

My clothes are dated and starting to fade. 
I'm lucky to leave the house with a shower & braid.

Having only one income, to live in our means 
requires lots of sacrifice and slow cooker beans. 

Our house is not huge and we could use more space, 
but closeness builds relationships that are filled with grace.

I may not travel the world or have the latest styles, 
the best house on the block or dollar bills stacked in piles.

But take one look at a day in the life of me, 
and the blessings make it all worth it, you'll see.

I choose time with family and memories made, 
over a life full of stuff that will rust, rot and fade.