January 11: Sat-er-dey

Saturday {Sat-er-dey} --noun

1. The seventh day of the week, following Friday. 
2. Morning cartoons, movies, long showers, home cooked meals, warm fire, naps, cozy slippers, family time, good music, cup of coffee {or two}, no agenda, cuddles, snuggles, & playtime.

I cannot believe the crazy weather this week that went from -40 with the wind chill on Monday to a high of 52 degrees here today. That's a NINETY DEGREE flux in SIX DAYS. Needless to say, it's not feeling so Christmasy anymore, so I finally let the Christmas music go. I made a linear move to "Some Nights Radio" by Fun, thus maintaining the level of obnoxiousness we've all grown accustomed to. :) Seriously though, it's a great station, and I have it customized to my liking. If you're looking to put an extra pep in your step or groove in your move, this is the place to start, people.