January 9: Christmas-y?

As for the Christmas music, I can't help it. I know it is now January. But there's lots of snow on the ground. And it's cold. And Christmas break just ended. Today. And Christmas music is just so fun and happy and joyous. And I still feel Christmasy. Is that a word? Christmas-y? 

My husband, however, does not feel the same. If he never hears another Glee song ever, ever again, it would be too soon, for the love. Maybe he should start a support group for those who have been traumatized by excessive exposure to holiday cheer. Would you join? ;) It could be called Scrooges Anonymous. But I guess I just totally outed him, so it would have to be Scrooges Anonymous & Ben. One must admit {even one that enjoys Glee songs}, however, that although their voices are great, the holiday cheer brought forth by the Glee cast can be a special form of obnoxious. But I love it. Clearly. :)