July 10: Sometimes All You Can Do Is Walk Away

I had a small revelation tonight. The kids were nuts at bedtime this evening, and I lost my religion. After some ranting and yelling and nagging, I decided all this craziness wasn't productive in the least. Even I couldn't stand myself anymore. So, wait for it...

I walked away.

I went back downstairs, sat down on the couch with the last of my cup of coffee, and proceeded to drink it by myself. All alone. Away from the chaos. I kinda didn't know I could do that. I thought for sure they would chase after me like little yipping ankle-biters. 

I read this tonight and thought about applying it, as well:

Aaaaaaand then I remembered that they are in fact my monkeys, all four of them. So that won't work. And this is my crazy circus of a life sometimes. 

I walked away, and I realized that I probably need to do so more often. They were still crazy and not going to bed when I returned, but I wasn't crazy anymore. And that, my friends, makes a BIG difference.