July 11: There's the Shark!!

For weeks now, the entrance to the highway by our house has been a construction zone. All the land on the side of the road is one big dirt pile, stretching at least a couple miles. And every day we get on the highway, Toby is convinced that he sees a shark somewhere in the dirt by the entrance ramp. 

Every time I forget about it until he yells, "There's the shark!!!"

It's a black shark. When Ruby heard that, she said, "Toby, it can't be a shark. Sharks are only grey, not black. So it's not a shark." 

Nevermind the fact that the "shark" has been sitting in a pile of dirt for the last two weeks instead of SWIMMING in the OCEAN. Oh no. It can't be a shark because it's BLACK. 

Details. Who needs 'em.