October 17: You Can't Do it All

Clayton knew at the beginning of the week that he had passed his spelling pretest, and sure enough, he did!! It was the first time for him, and he was so excited. I was too!!!!!!!

Never you mind that most of the words are three letter abbreviations, y'all. IT STILL COUNTS. It still very much counts. 

And also, I was busy this evening preparing for Women's Breakfast tomorrow, so basically nothing else got done. Just in case you were thinking for some reason that I have it all together and can do all the great things wonderfully and simultaneously. That is my disaster of a house after the kids "picked up," and those are my children, playing quietly outside with a dead snake while I finished preparing my notes.

Yep. A dead snake. They were dissecting it or something. With sticks. And the neighbor girls. I'm sure their parents will let them come back soon.

What did I say when I checked outside and saw them? Make sure you wash your hands when you're done.

And then I may or may not have remembered to follow up on that.