October 22: #NailedIt: How to Treat Adrenal Fatigue, A Mother's Perspective

Nailed it. 

I read this article today about Adrenal Fatigue. I don't know why I continue to click on and read such articles. I must have a death-by-health-anxiety wish or something.

Apparently most people have some degree of adrenal fatigue, which is ultimately caused by stress. So to cure the fatigue, you need to deal with the stress. Here's what the article suggested:

1. Go to bed at the same time every night (preferably before 10 pm) and get 8 hours of sleep.
I probably fell asleep around midnight and my alarm went off before 7am, as usual. Maybe if I let Common Core help me with math I could somehow get that to equal 8 hours.
2. Learn to say NO when you have reached your limit. 
I say NO a million times a day, often in conjunction with "I've had ENOUGH!", thus signifying that I've indeed reached my limit. I don't find that it helps.
3. Do something relaxing every day (warm bath, walk in the park, etc.). 
Naptime. Nuff said. Check.
4. Don’t over-exercise. If you’re fatigued after your workout, you might want to scale down. 
I'd like you to introduce you to my Jillian Michaels workout DVD. We have a complicated relationship. I got it about two years ago in January when I decided I needed to start working out. It remained in a drawer with the cellophane wrapper intact for about a year. I then decided I really should start working out, so I took the wrapper off. Now another year has passed, and although I've never actually even watched the DVD, let alone exercised to it, the disc is somehow missing. Maybe my wobbly bits and I will finally start working out when I find it. Yep, I'm sure we will.
5. Eat a protein-rich breakfast before 10 am. 
Pepperoni and sausage at 10:32am. Check.
6. Consume fruit with a source of protein (nuts or nut butters). 
I heard fruit and butter. Apple crisp = consuming fruit with butter. Check.
7. Avoid alcohol, sugar, gluten and dairy (toxic and inflammatory foods).
The only way I can drink this sweet nectar of sanity is to add the aforementioned sugar and dairy, so they will have to pry it from my cold, dead fingers when I die of adrenal failure. If that's a thing. Please also refer to exhibits 5 and 6.
8. Consider supplementation (adaptogenic herbs, B vitamins).
When I cleaned off my nightstand earlier this week, I brushed a rather thick coat of dust off my bottle of vitamins. But the wine glass? Not a speck. Take that #7.

So as you can see, I'm a rockstar at dealing with stress. #NailedIt

It's a good thing I don't actually suffer from adrenal fatigue. Or do I…


Then again, I think everything I suffer from can be summed up in one word: MOTHERHOOD.

P.S. I bet you're totally yawning right now. It's ok. That actually means you're not a serial killer, which is a good thing. The less serial killers that read my blog, the better, you know? But have you ever considered that you might suffer from adrenal fatigue? I hear that there's a list of things you can do to better manage your stress…