August 31: Meatless Monday My Pig's Butt

Tonight I made cabbage and noodles for dinner, except it's Meatless Monday. 

But Meatless Monday is not the boss of me, so I'm thinking about converting to Bacon Monday's. That sounds like a pretty good trade to me! 

Meatless Monday's my pig's butt.

But really, I don't know who I'm kidding, because we don't have individually themed meal days at my house. That would typically require something they call "meal planning" and "making a shopping list," neither of which are ideals that I currently subscribe to, much to my budget/husband's chagrin. 

So meals generally fall into a solitary, over-arching theme of "what's available." Basically, we will eat, but I have no idea what it will be until about 4pm. You can ask me then. ;)

P.S. Link up some of your favorite bacon recipes in the comment section if you want, because I'm going to need some inspiration!

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