September 2: Burlap & Heat Exhaustion


1) Daddy isn't home to sit in his daddy chair, so I'm currently taking up residence there. I'm hot and tired.

2) I have a love/hate relationship with slushies. I think they taste like crap and make the kids a little crazy, but they really enjoy them on a hot day. The only catch is, the rest of Cleveland does, too, and the red and blue run out quickly...

3) It's now 4:00pm and I'm not sure what's for dinner besides leftovers, which we had last night. Leftover leftovers. Is that a thing? That birthday banner has been up for a week and a half too long, and the floor is a mess. 

4) And burlap pumpkins in the Target Dollar Spot???? Yes, please. Also, do you think that if I decorate, fall will come? Now to find my motivation. I think it's buried under a hot, heavy blanket of heat somewhere. Probably on my living room floor. I'd check, but I can't reach it from my chair...  

How are you all doing??

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